Biscuit Bar Brunch


When it comes to brunch, you can almost always bet I’m going to go for something savory (and probably with eggs), but I know not everyone feels the same way.  This weekend, my family was in town, so I thought it might be fun to whip up a last minute brunch.  I wanted a savory […]

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Football Mantle


As soon as September arrived, I felt an itch to put up festive mantle decorations, but I wasn’t quite ready to deck it out for Halloween… so I went with a football theme! For this project,  I started with the framed artwork on the mantle- normally, it’s a painting of bicycles – but since I […]

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Garlic Truffle Fries


Summer burgers on the grill are good, but homemade fries make them better… and when they’re garlic truffle fries, well then they’re BEST! In honor of Labor Day, I’m sharing my recipe for Garlic Truffle fries.  I only recently added the truffle oil, so if you’re not into it, no big deal, just omit the […]

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Summer Sangria


Confession:  I’ve never met a sangria I didn’t like, but I’ve never made one myself.  This week I tried it for a girl’s night by the pool and was surprised by how quick, easy (and delicious) it was. In searching for recipes, my heart skipped a beat when I came across Emeril’s recipe using red […]

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Gift Tags: Behind-the-Scenes


I think most people imagine that designers sit around, gazing off into the distance over a steaming coffee (brainstorming, of course) and then gracefully sketch out a masterpiece or design one on their computer (click. click. click. done.) – in an hour or less (naturally).  Maybe that is how it works for some, but unfortunately […]

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Lemony Goat Cheese & Basil Dip


In honor of the store’s upcoming Semi-Annual Lemons and Leftovers Sale next week, I thought it might be fun to share a delicious, lemony recipe that’s perfect for summer entertaining.  This is a recipe I got from Gourmet Pantry a few years ago, and it’s always been a crowd-pleaser.  It’s also ridiculously easy {seriously, the […]

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July 4th Dog Safety


While celebrating July 4th is fun for us humans, it can be very stressful for our dogs.  In fact, July 5th is one of the biggest days of the year for animal shelters.  The loud noise caused by fireworks can make a dog panic and try to escape to a “safer place”.  {Hey, if I […]

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Prettying up the Porch


Last summer  was my initial “investment” in the patio project.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, but I knew that I had to start somewhere, so the World Market Outdoor Furniture Sale was my first stop.  **TIP:  Apparently they have this sale annually,  mid-June to July, so if you plan ahead and […]

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Succulent Tower


Last summer, I made a fun little “succulent tower” to put on my front porch.  At the time, I was just playing around and had no idea that someone might want to know how to make their own.  When it was finished, a few people asked me to blog a how-to, but since I hadn’t […]

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National Stationery Show 2014 Recap


Last weekend, I made my annual trek from West Texas to the Big Apple for the National Stationery Show (#nss).  It was a last minute decision to attend this year (after the added expense of store renovations this spring, I wasn’t sure I could afford it), but when I realized that I had enough airline […]

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