Kale & Parmesan Pesto Pasta


Another great recipe that we featured on Sample Saturday was the Kale & Parmesan Pesto Pasta.  This is the Easiest.  Dish.  Ever.  And it’s delicious.    It’s great when you’re short on time and need to pull together something tasty – fast. Here’s what you’ll need: Bella Cucina Kale & Parmesan Pesto (we sell at […]

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Sun-dried Tomato and Turkey Sandwiches


This recipe is so easy and delicious – it’s makes the perfect summer sandwich or appetizer for a party.  We made them for our Sample Saturday, and they were a big hit! You’ll need: Sliced bread (we went with fresh Rosemary Bread from Simply Decadent Bakery) Turkey Breast, sliced Provolone cheese Bella Cucina Sun-dried Tomato […]

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Make Way for More Cards!

cards sm

As spring shifts into high gear and Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation draw near, we need more room for greeting cards – we have cards out the wazoo! To solve the problem, this weekend we put a little muscle into it and added two more sections of shelves to our greeting  card corner. The […]

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National Stationery Show 2015 Recap


Every May when I board a plane for NYC to attend the National Stationery Show, I get “first day of school” jitters.  I’m anxious to see what new products I discover, nervous that the trip will be worth the time and expense (plus time away from work), and downright excited for the show – and […]

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Just for the Summer – Cabana Stripe Initial Note Cards


If you’re a regular shopper, then you’re familiar with our grab and go initial note cards.  These are a great quick gift for $12, and they’re even better tied up with a matching Le Pen.  For a limited time (just this summer), these initial notes are available in bright and beachy cabana stripes! When summer’s […]

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Earth Day Wildflower Seed Bombs


For Earth Day this year, we wanted to do something really fun for our customers… so we’ve made wildflower seed bombs! The idea is that  you can use the seed bomb in your own yard (or toss out the window when driving down the highway) to magically add a little beauty to the world around […]

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Gonna Party Like it’s Our Birthday


… because it is! Wow, it’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since we made The Switch to Barque! It’s been a crazy year, but it’s been a GREAT one too. We feel so blessed by how gracious and supportive our customers have been with the changes. We hope you’re ready to celebrate […]

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Employee Easter Eggs


For holidays and special occasions, I want our staff to feel appreciated, even if it’s with a small gesture.  This Easter, I had the idea of making “bonus eggs” with a nice little message inside for each girl on staff.  We really do have the best team on the planet, so I hope they enjoyed […]

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That’s the Ticket!


With Barque’s First Birthday coming up, we thought it might be fun to change up the decorations above our register. I envisioned something colorful and festive, but I wasn’t quite sure what that would be – until I stumbled across rolls of carnival tickets on sale on Amazon. A tall ladder, a stapler and about […]

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Grilled Artichokes


With beautiful weather in store for this week, I couldn’t resist pulling out the grill over the weekend!  I’ve only made this recipe a few times (I’m still working on perfecting the “art of the artichoke”), but it gets tastier every time.  And of course since the grill was already out, I HAD to make […]

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