Home (and Heart) Expansion


As life would have it, we are once again a home with three redheads.  It all happened quickly, but already it’s been a blessing.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I was ready for another pupalup, but I’ve known for awhile now that Lucy has been needing that kind of companionship. I already knew […]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Valentine’s!


When I take down the Christmas decorations, it always feels so… empty in the house.  To cheer myself up, I like to pull out my Valentine’s Day decorations as soon as possible.  It’s nothing fancy, just a few little things that make me happy. Being the paper lover that I am, it’s no surprise that […]

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It’s a BOY!


Well, it’s official… Lucy and I are adding a BOY to our little family!  He’s a (red) golden retriever and approximately a year old… and I get to meet him today!  I know that sounds a little cooky to adopt a dog you’ve never met, but it just felt right.    He’s a shelter dog, and […]

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Banner Word for 2014


Well, I’ve been seeing all over Instagram and Facebook that my friends and inspirations have been choosing a word to focus on for 2014. I tried to pick one pre-year’s end, but none of them really stuck…. It doesn’t help that everyone around me seems to be wanting LESS and trying to SIMPLIFY. Sorry, but […]

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2014 is Here!


Happy New Year!  It’s officially 2014, and if you don’t have a calendar yet… you need one!  Here are my two favorite picks from this year.  In fact, I’m keeping one of each! #1 – This Letterpress Calendar from 1canoe2 letterpress – I love the style of this calendar!  It’s got cute imagery, but my […]

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Holiday Garland Tip


As you start to think about packing up your Christmas decorations, try this little tip I use for keeping your garland organized.  It’s a pretty simple one, but if you’re like me (multiple strands of garland, all in different lengths and with designated “homes” around the house), it’s a real time-saver when it’s time to […]

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Christmas Dinner Centerpiece


This holiday, I went with a slight variation of the centerpiece I used for Christmas dinner last year…  I seem to keep getting stuck on using those gorgeous evergreens, hydrangeas (because I love them so much) and my “new” deer figurines.  So sue me. Luckily,  this time I was able to incorporate an unique piece […]

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JOY to You and Yours

holiday card 2013

As some of you know, this year wasn’t exactly my favorite.  I lost my beloved Sarah, and that pretty much made me want to skip Christmas altogether  (it doesn’t help that her birthday is December 28th).  Every year I make a photo card with her and Lucy, and I just wasn’t sure that I’d be […]

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A Reminder from your Local, Friendly Stationer


Let me just say, as a paper lover, it kills me when I see people making poor paper decisions… If you’re like many this year, as you’re clicking, clicking, clicking through online holiday photo card options… don’t forget to ask yourself the important stuff:  Is this going to be extra postage?  Is this design practical?  […]

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Company coming? Make sure you’re prepared!


I found one of my favorite quotes about hospitality in Food & Wine Magazine, when they interviewed Bronson van Wyck.  He said, “Hospitality in its truest form was always about giving respite to travelers.  If people have traveled to see you, you want to make it worth their while.”  I love that! With Christmas just […]

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