Behind the Scenes:  Patriotic Cups

Behind the Scenes: Patriotic Cups

Over July 4th weekend last year, when I had the red, white and blue on the brain, I was inspired to design our newest patriotic foam cups.  The first idea came from an Ashley Furniture commercial.

I thought the concept was simple but would be cute and definitely translate… so I sketched my own version:

stars and stripes sketch
The second inspiration came from an older gentleman at the grocery store (who I assumed was a veteran).  His navy cap had USA across the front with a star on each side and three thin stripes below the letters (all the way across).  I didn’t take a photo of him (I didn’t have a way that I could take one discreetly), but when I got to my car, I did a quick sketch of the idea on the back of my grocery receipt.  Here’s what I sketched:
grocery receipt

And then drew in Illustrator…

new cups
I’ve been excited to print these designs for 10 months, so I’m thrilled that they are finally ready!  With Memorial Day around the corner, we have both options ready and available for your cookout needs!  Order in-store or by phone (yes, we ship!):  806-785-1195

new patriotic cups sm

Cinco de Mayo Custom Invitations

Cinco de Mayo Custom Invitations

It’s no secret that designing invitations for a Mexican/Fiesta themed party is one of my favorite tasks (evidence here and here), and luckily this year Cinco de Mayo is on a weekend, which means we were able to design a LOT of custom invitations for various celebrations!  Here are just a handful of fun custom designs I was able to do this year:


A Cinco de Bayou Crawfish Boil!  Love the theme (and the sombrero on the crawfish!)


I jumped at the chance to do these invitations for a “Cinco de Maie-O” graduation party.  The guest of honor’s name is Maie, so I thought the hostesses did a great job of putting that clever theme together.  It includes Mayan and traditional Mexican architectural elements, with the addition of bright colors and flowers.


I also love how this gatefold Quinceanera invitation turned out.

IMG_8523smThe guest of honor’s favorite color is purple, so we recreated a purple paper flag on the front.



IMG_8519smAnd additional information on purple panels on the inside.


This simple graduation Fiesta design was also fun.

IMG_8533smDo you see how some of the same elements can be used in completely different ways?  Like the colorful Mexican flowers and the paper flags?  And just the use of bright colors too – they look completely different on a black background than they do on a white one.

No matter how you’re celebrating this weekend, we hope it’s FESTIVE!





Kentucky Derby Graduation Party Invitations

Kentucky Derby Graduation Party Invitations

Over the past few years, we’ve done several invitations for Kentucky Derby themed graduation parties, but this one is my absolute favorite!  The theme was “And She’s Off!”, and I just love the combination of pink roses, a green harlequin pattern and a subtle blue ribbon (wink wink).  The additional icons are what seal the deal for me – the derby hat, bow tie and tiny horseshoe are so simple and yet they really drive home the theme.


Congratulations Ryan, we wish you lots of luck!

Valentine’s Day Lockers

Valentine’s Day Lockers

Love is in the air… and for our customers, we hope it’s in their mailboxes too!  This LOVE-ly locker renovation is inspired by mail for and from your significant other – no matter what you call them!

Here’s a brief behind-the-scenes of our latest locker renovation.


Step 1:  It all begins with a vintage pink wooden chair (discovered at the Round Top Antiques Fair – score!) and a vintage mailbox (from an estate sale).


Step 2:  Add a handful of gorgeously hand-lettered love letters (done by our talented @kelseylaineholt – check her out on Instagram).  You can’t tell in the photo, but we glued these onto a small piece of cardboard so they would stay in place.


Step 3:  Add more letters, piled (and glued) on top of a crumpled piece of paper.


Step 4:  Add more envelopes to the wall so they look like an “explosion” from the mailbox.

Step 5:  Step back and enjoy how cute and adorable your display is!  (Seriously, this is one of our favorite locker renovations yet – LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!  Thanks Kelsey!!!)



Custom Ribbon

Custom Ribbon

One of our favorite “cheater” moves for dressing up a holiday package is to add custom ribbon to it.

a)  It gives the impression that you planned ahead, because you had to order the ribbon (clearly) – even if the gift you’re using to wrap it with was just purchased.

b)  It screams that you’re an “attention to detail” kind of person (which only creates excitement about the gift it adorns)

c)  It dresses up anything you need to give- from a simple bottle of wine to a wrapped package or gift bag with tissue.


Basically, custom ribbon is a handy trick all year ’round (think Wedding and Birthday gifts too!), but it’s a great way to enhance your holiday gifts this season. The ribbon is available in a variety of sizes (3/8″, 5/8″, 7/8″ or 1.5″ wide, $70 – $101), colors and ink colors.  Turnaround time is less than two weeks, so you still have plenty of time to get yourself a few rolls before the holiday season is in full swing!

Come by the store or call us for more information about custom ribbon:  806-785-1195


Behind the Scenes Holiday Gift Tags

Behind the Scenes Holiday Gift Tags

This is the first year we’ve offered custom holiday gift tags, but we’re not sure why it’s taken us so long – everyone seems to love them!  In fact, we’ve had several requests for “everyday” custom tags too – for birthdays and weddings and year-round gift giving – so those will be on the horizon soon.

The goal was to come up with 6 designs to start, but once we got rolling, it was easy to crank out a few more..  This sketch-to-finished file was easier than most – it only took about an hour to finalize them all.  Here’s what the original sketches look like:


It’s always fun to see how they transition and change into the final product…  Ta da!


Our custom gift tags are reasonably priced – 25 for $15, 50 for $25 and 100 for $45, and you can buy them by clicking the button below.  They’re easy, convenient and turnaround time is about a week.  (They’re also great because you can keep them on hand to tie onto gifts year after year.)  Don’t see a design that fits your style or matches your go-to gift wrap?  No problem!  We can create a custom design for you – just stop by or give us a call to figure out what will work best for your needs.