It’s time to deck the halls again!

I used to think decorating for Christmas was daunting – where does THAT item go… Was it on the mantle or on top of the piano?  Or was it in the guest room?… I used to overthink it too much and decorating took forever.

The came a simple (but time-saving idea) – a “cheat sheet”!  Since I started it a few years ago, the pressure to remember all the ins and outs of the decorations has been lifted (aahhhhhhhh).  It’s simple, really. Each year, I take photos of my holiday decoration  details, the layout of my Snow Village, the mantle, the kitchen, etc.  Then, before I pack everything up once Christmas is over, I print out the photos (wallet size) and store them in page protectors WITH my decorations.  That way, when it’s time to drag it all out again, I have a reminder of how it was done the year before.  It’s a basic idea, but it saves me SO much time (and stress over deciding where everything will go).  The beauty of it is that I still leave room for change – moving things around – and I do, that keeps it interesting.  I just make sure to document the change with a photo so I can recreate it the following year.   Holiday decorations will always be a work in progress, but having a guide makes delving into the talk a lot faster and easier!holiday-cheat-sheet

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