Custom Holiday Recipe Cards

Custom Holiday Recipe Cards

Do you have an avid baker or cook on your holiday shopping list?  Custom recipe cards make a great gift for foodies!  We have several options that you can personalize with their favorite color or style to match their kitchen decor… and anyone who likes to”slave away in the kitchen” can appreciate having recipe cards to record their experimental victories (and twists on traditional family favorites).

Custom Recipe Cards are reasonably priced  – $15 for 25, $25 for 50, $40 for 100 and $52.50 for 150 qty. – so they make a great stocking stuffer too.

Are you or your family famous for passing out treats during the holiday season?  Personalized recipe cards with your family’s name and your handwritten recipe make an extra special touch to your plate of cookies or fudge.  It’s fun for the recipient to eat, but it’s even more fun for them to have the recipe too!

Come by the store or call us for more information on ordering custom recipe cards for yourself or a friend:  806-785-1195

Clever Candle Gift in 3 Easy Steps

Clever Candle Gift in 3 Easy Steps

One of our favorite gift ideas this holiday season involves our favorite candle paired with an unexpected surprise – custom matches!

This ideas is so simple (and genius), we can’t believe we’ve never done it before!   It requires 3 easy steps, which we can help you with.

Clever Candle Gift in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Stock up on your favorite candles to give as holiday gifts (don’t forget to grab a few extra for “backup”).
  2. Order custom match boxes or match books from us at Barque (prices range from $37 – $44 for 50 quantity or $48 – $62 for 100 quantity).  Try to come up with a clever phrase you can use that includes candle-like qualities – “warm”, “glow/glowing”, “sparkly”, etc.  We can help you come up with the right message, but if it comes from you, it will be that much more personal and delightful for your recipient.
  3. Use twine or ribbon to tie your custom matches onto the candle (or even the outside of the wrapped package).

It’s a fun add-on to your gift, it’s useful, and it doubles as a gift tag too.  This idea is definitely one we’ll be using this season!

BARQUE BONUS IDEA:  Wouldn’t this concept be cute for birthday gifts too? Your message could read:  “Happy Birthday!  Hope your year ahead sparkles as much as you do.  Love, Tina & John”


Chicken Wire Frame DIY

Chicken Wire Frame DIY

One of my favorite ways to display paper goods is with clothes pins on chicken wire – it’s just so easy and if there are “gaps” between items, you can see through it, so it feels light and airy.  We use this display method for Bridal Shows, and it’s worked so well, we now use it for several products. I thought this concept would be perfect for displaying our custom recipe cards in the kitchen section.  Since a few customers have asked how we made the display, I wanted to document it here.  It’s surprisingly easy!

To make your own Chicken Wire Frame, you’ll need the following:

  • a wooden frame (new or used), no glass or backing
  • roll of chicken wire
  • wire cutters
  • staple gun and staples
  • picture hangers
  • paint
  • sandpaper

Here’s how to make your own Chicken Wire Frame:

Use the sandpaper to sand your wooden frame.  Be sure to get the corners well and wipe it down with a lightly damp cloth to get rid of any sanding dust.


Spray paint the frame your desired color, using several LIGHT layers of paint (so you have no runs!).

Tip:  I use disposable table cloths as drop cloths when I spray paint – they’re only about $2 at the grocery store, large, and fantastically disposable.


Gather your roll of chicken wire and wire cutters.  You’ll want to know approximately how much you’ll be using, so you can roll it out to the approximate width and cut the wire (so you’re not dealing with that huge roll the entire time).



Using the edge of the frame as your guide, start to staple to chicken wire, starting from one side and going to the other.  You can also staple along the top and bottom, making sure the wire is taught all the way around.


Once the wire is secure to the frame, use wire cutters to trim the edges, so they don’t extend beyond the wooden frame (but still are outside of the staples).


This is what the finished product will look like fro the front.  🙂


Use a screwdriver to add a “picture frame” hook to the back of the frame.


Hang and enjoy being able to add photos, invitations, or other paper goods to your chicken wire frame!


If The Broom Fits FREE Printable

If The Broom Fits FREE Printable

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been decorating the house, gathering costume ideas and accumulating candy for trick or treaters… but we thought it would be fun to offer a FREE treat for you guys too!

You can get your own FREE 5×7 Printable “If the Broom Fits” sign HERE

Then just print it out, use a paper trimmer to cut it, and frame it in a standard 5 x 7 frame.  It’s simple and oh-so-adorable.

Enjoy, witches!

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

This summer was unusually WET for West Texas, and I mortified to discover my porch rug looking pretty green and mildew-y.  Instead of throwing it away, I decided to try to clean it instead.  It was successful, so I thought I would document it here for future reference.  See the sad state it was in?  Green and gross!  Yuck.

img_5960-smThe supplies needed:

  • one bottle of Lysol concentrate (I knew it would kill 99.9% of germs, but I wasn’t sure if it would discolor the rug – luckily it didn’t!)
  • a scrubbing brush
  • a bucket
  • water hose with spray nozzle
  • a open area with plenty of draining and sunlight (I used the street in front of my house, but a driveway would have been more ideal for drainage purposes)img_5962-smFollow package directions for diluting the Lysol in a bucket (and add a splash more for good measure).  Then pour over the rug and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  Repeat the process again, this time working in quarters of the rug to make sure you get the entire area.

img_5963-smUse the scrubbing brush to work in small sections and brush away the mildew and stains.

img_5966-smOnce you have the entire rug scrubbed down, use the water hose to rinse it off.  At this point, I used the brush to help push away excess water to the edges of the rug.  As you rinse, you might also notice trouble spots that need additional attention.

img_5969-smWhen you’re done, let the sunshine do its job to aid in the drying process!  Or you can sling it over a fence or railing to make the excess water run off faster.

Ta-da!!  Looks like a brand new rug!  Clean and ready for all of my Fall weather porch sitting.


Aloha Team Dinner

Aloha Team Dinner

This past weekend the Barque team said “aloha” (goodbye) to summer AND “aloha” (hello) to a great fall ahead!  It was the second annual End of Summer Party for us, and it really was a lot of fun.  For me, it’s a wonderful way to connect with my team on a social level, and it’s also the perfect opportunity to incorporate products that we sell in a “real life” setting so my gals can see how people use our stuff outside of the store.

IMG_4802 smA colorful chalkboard sign on the front door was a great way to welcome the girls – and check out the FAB lettering skills of our very own @kelseylainee (go find her out on Instagram now)!

Once they walked through the door, the girls were greeted by our store mannequin, Manny, dressed in a sarong and coconut bra with plastic leis. Quite festive.

IMG_4755 smThis casual soiree incorporated a lot of color, from the DIY Tassel Garland to the painted pineapples… and everything in between…

IMG_4809 smIncluding a little island flair on the bar cart… (key limes, a painted pineapple, tropical postcards, tiny drink umbrellas and more plastic leis)

IMG_4902 smOf course I had custom beverage napkins made, and I decided to spruce up some gold striped paper straws with cupcake liners to make them look more floral – aren’t they fun?  The used this tutorial.

IMG_4901 sm

IMG_4804 smThe idea of adding edible flowers to the drink bucket was an inspiration from Pinterest – it added great color and made it more festive!

IMG_4811 smNow isn’t that the prettiest drink you’ve ever seen?

As a centerpiece for the table, I used a combination of painted pineapples, fresh palm leaves from my local florist, coconut bowls with greenery, plastic leis and drink umbrellas.

IMG_4814 smWe were lucky enough to have Kelsey also hand paint our place cards too – aren’t they perfect?  LOVING the hombre effect, and it was fun that everyone’s name was different!

FullSizeRender_1 smFor the meal – which might be my favorite part of the entire evening – I created a menu using recipes out of  cookbooks that we carry in the store.  It gives all of us the chance to try something new, and it gives my team the opportunity to experience some of the selections we offer our customers – even if they don’t cook much themselves!  This year’s selections came from four books – Lighten Up Ya’ll, Southern Cooking Family Style, Up South, and Boozy Shakes…

IMG_4730 sm

IMG_4815 smMenu cards were made using the same pineapple icon as the beverage napkins, because making coordinating party elements is what we DO!


watermelon bites + lime salt*

grilled shrimp skewers


peach + tomato gazpacho ( for the record, this was my favorite dish, but it wasn’t a crowd favorite)

kale + dandelion + orange salad


bbq pulled pork tacos + cilantro cabbage slaw* (using Kelle B BBQ Sauce, recipe coming soon)


key lime pie boozy milkshakes*

*these were the crowd faves!

IMG_4806 sm

IMG_4762 am

IMG_4763 sm

IMG_4807 smFor party favors, I had custom koozies and gift tags made.  Paired with some personalized folded notes and fruity candy, they made a pretty nice and colorful take away.

IMG_4903 smAll in all, it was a great time, and it only makes me excited about the year we have ahead with this team.  ALOHA to a great year ahead, ladies!


{if you want to check out my inspiration for the party, take a look at this Pinterest Board for more ideas}