How to Make a Dog Tuxedo

How to Make a Dog Tuxedo

To get your pup red carpet ready, you will need:

– a white button-up shirt (I got mine in the Men’s section at Goodwill for $3 – just make sure the neck opening is clsoe to your dog’s neck size)

– scissors

– stapler

– black permanent marker

– bow tie with elastic (from a party store for just a few bucks)


Use the scissors to cut the collar and cuffs off the sleeves.


Then use the cuff to test the size of your dog’s “wrist”(make sure it’s still large enough to slide over their paw), folding it over and then removing it from your dog. Staple the cuffs in place, being sure to staple from the INSIDE so the sharp part of the staple will point away from your dog.


Take a permanent marker and color in the buttons.


Wrap the bow tie around the neck of the collar with the elastic on the inner crease, so the collar flap folds over it. Gently place the collar on your dog’s neck. DO NOT button the collar – you want it to fit loosely around their neck (and the elastic should hold it in place anyway).


Linus didn’t mind trying his on one bit. Ha!


Once you’re ready, slide the cuffs over the front paws. Then take a picture (or 83, if you so choose) of your dapper pup.


Happy New Year’s Card

Happy New Year’s Card

This year I had grand ideas for doing a “frozen” themed holiday card – pretty powder blue envelopes with silver glitter liners… a pic of the pups in the frosty snow…  Well, nature had other things in mind – like a 70 degree Christmas day and a record-setting blizzard the next!  So while I was waiting to get my “snow shot”, I had to improvise with a New Year’s card instead of a Christmas card.

A few props from the party store and a photo shoot later with the pups, I was actually glad it worked out this way – it was fun – despite the fact that Linus was scared of the balloons.

Can you spot the cans of soup?  Those were my secret for keeping the mylar balloons in place – I photoshopped them out of the card later.

… Aaannndd the aftermath looked like an actual party happened.

July 4th Dog Safety

July 4th Dog Safety

DSC_0177While celebrating July 4th is fun for us humans, it can be very stressful for our dogs.  In fact, July 5th is one of the biggest days of the year for animal shelters.  The loud noise caused by fireworks can make a dog panic and try to escape to a “safer place”.  {Hey, if I suddenly thought bombs were going off all around me, I’d be trying to get to safety too!}  Unfortunately, that means they might be put in even more danger by getting out – winding up lost, injured or killed.

Here are a few steps you can take to prepare your dog for the holiday weekend and its firework displays:

1.  Make sure your pet is properly identified.  If they are micro-chipped and have ID tags, they have a better chance of getting back home in the event that they do run away.  My dogs have their name and my phone number embroidered on their collar too, just as an added precaution.

2.  Leave your dog at home, and stay with him if you can.  While is seems like fun for Fido to enjoy the outdoor festivities with you, a crowded, unfamiliar and noisy place might make him freak out and seek shelter.  {And no, leaving him in the car is NEVER acceptable.}

3.  If you can’t be home during the fireworks and commotion, there are a few simple things you can do to make your dog feel more at ease.  Bring him indoors- ALWAYS.  Leave the lights on, close the draperies, and turn on a familiar noise at a normal level {tv or music} to help muffle the fireworks.  Keep your dog confined to a small area – if it’s a crate, cover it with a blanket.  If it’s a small, inner room in your home, make sure they have familiar bedding and fresh water.  If they become too worked up, water will give them a chance to cool off and calm down.

4.  Always check on your dog as soon as you can after the fireworks have finished.  Be prepared to give them some special attention to calm down… it was a stressful night for goodness sake!

Wishing you and your pupalups a Happy {and safe} July 4th!


Happy St.Patrick’s Day

Happy St.Patrick’s Day

Happy St.Patrick’s Day from me and my little redheads!

(I can’t even tell you how many tries it took to get a shot where Linus wasn’t trying to eat the hat off of Lucy’s head!  I guess I got lucky!)

linus and lucy st pats sm

May there always be work for your hands to do.

May your purse always hold a coin or two.

May the sun always shine on your windowpane.

May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend always be near you.

May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

– Irish Blessing

Wishing you all the best of luck (and blessings)… and for your dogs, an extra treat or two!

Home (and Heart) Expansion

Home (and Heart) Expansion

As life would have it, we are once again a home with three redheads.  It all happened quickly, but already it’s been a blessing.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I was ready for another pupalup, but I’ve known for awhile now that Lucy has been needing that kind of companionship.

I already knew that I wanted a golden retriever (because I didn’t have the heart for another lab, and goldens are the next best thing), so over Christmas I looked into Golden Retriever Rescues.  There were lots of great-looking dogs, but none of them  “spoke” to me.  I just couldn’t get excited about the adoption process.

Then I saw my next furbaby in a photo on Facebook, and I knew he was the one.  I think it was Divine Intervention that he was in the shelter, and that I saw him online, AND that I was able to adopt him so quickly.  (In shelter on Friday, adopted on Monday, home on Tuesday.)

We were happy to have him join our little home, but for him it was a pretty traumatic week.  From the shelter to being adopted, to getting neutered, adjusting to Lucy and I, me leaving for Market and dad dog-sitting for the weekend… By the end of the week (of course while I was gone), he had stopped eating and dad had to take him to the vet twice.  When I got home, one barium treatment and one stomach exploratory surgery later, we discovered that his GI tract had stopped working completely.  They said it could have been inflamed from stress.  So he had two major surgeries within a week, the poor fella!

I’m happy to report that now he is healthy, happy and playful puppy!  He’s still adjusting (we all are), but it’s been (mostly) fun!

The vet thinks he is about a year old and what appears to be full {red} golden retriever.  He is beautiful and a sweetheart, there’s no doubt about it.  He is also a chewer and thief, but we’re working on that.   My favorite thing is that he smiles – all the time – it warms my heart.

Speaking of the heart, I’ll admit that I was caught off-guard by how little capacity I thought I had to love this “new dog”… and surprised by how much my heart has expanded to include him.  (Just like the Grinch’s heart!)  I didn’t think I was ready, but now that he’s mine, he has a piece of my heart too.  And that’s a good thing (for both Lucy and I).

All that to say… our home (and hearts) have expanded by four feet!

Friends, meet Linus!  Of course this occasion calls for an adoption announcement…

linus announcement sm


{BTW, the name Linus was my brother’s idea – he’s clever like that!}

We’re looking forward to lots of fun with Linus in the future!  Just search for #ohlinus and #redlucyandlinus on Instagram




Happy Wednesday, friends!