If The Broom Fits FREE Printable

If The Broom Fits FREE Printable

With Halloween just around the corner, we’ve been decorating the house, gathering costume ideas and accumulating candy for trick or treaters… but we thought it would be fun to offer a FREE treat for you guys too!

You can get your own FREE 5×7 Printable “If the Broom Fits” sign HERE

Then just print it out, use a paper trimmer to cut it, and frame it in a standard 5 x 7 frame.  It’s simple and oh-so-adorable.

Enjoy, witches!

Halloween Details 2016

Halloween Details 2016

Decorating for Halloween is a highlight of the season – it means that fall is officially here and I can get geared up for my favorite season.  I don’t do anything super scary or gruesome because… well, I’m a wimp and can’t take it. ha!  (Truth is I’ve never even been in a haunted house because I’m certain it would give me a heart attack.)  The past few years I’ve used books and birds to decorate, and this year I did the same –  with a twist.  To keep the color palette more neutral, I only used white pumpkins, and I turned the books around so the pages faced forward.  The bird cage I use year-round but in another location and the “mirror” is one that I made look old in this DIY. A few cobwebs and plastic spiders complete the look.


img_0014smIf I have a Halloween party, I hang the “Come In My Little Pretties” sign on the front door.  And plug in the ampersand metal light.


img_0016smI use a garden gate panel in my hallway to create a witch hat rack.  Several years ago, in a magazine (I can’t even remember which one), I had seen a “witch hat check” that featured tags on the hats – so I printed up some of my own.




img_0030smHappy Halloween!

Football Lockers

Football Lockers

Are you ready for football season?  Our lockers are!

{This locker redo was done using details from my Football Mantle at home – I wanted to decorate for Halloween, but I wasn’t ready for the football details to go away.  The photo is an enlargement of my dad’s high school football photo, the megaphone was mine in junior high (repainted), and the pennant was found on eBay – vintage from the 70’s but never used.  You can check out the original post for more details.}

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

This summer was unusually WET for West Texas, and I mortified to discover my porch rug looking pretty green and mildew-y.  Instead of throwing it away, I decided to try to clean it instead.  It was successful, so I thought I would document it here for future reference.  See the sad state it was in?  Green and gross!  Yuck.

img_5960-smThe supplies needed:

  • one bottle of Lysol concentrate (I knew it would kill 99.9% of germs, but I wasn’t sure if it would discolor the rug – luckily it didn’t!)
  • a scrubbing brush
  • a bucket
  • water hose with spray nozzle
  • a open area with plenty of draining and sunlight (I used the street in front of my house, but a driveway would have been more ideal for drainage purposes)img_5962-smFollow package directions for diluting the Lysol in a bucket (and add a splash more for good measure).  Then pour over the rug and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  Repeat the process again, this time working in quarters of the rug to make sure you get the entire area.

img_5963-smUse the scrubbing brush to work in small sections and brush away the mildew and stains.

img_5966-smOnce you have the entire rug scrubbed down, use the water hose to rinse it off.  At this point, I used the brush to help push away excess water to the edges of the rug.  As you rinse, you might also notice trouble spots that need additional attention.

img_5969-smWhen you’re done, let the sunshine do its job to aid in the drying process!  Or you can sling it over a fence or railing to make the excess water run off faster.

Ta-da!!  Looks like a brand new rug!  Clean and ready for all of my Fall weather porch sitting.


Election-Themed Wedding Style Shoot

Election-Themed Wedding Style Shoot

Today we’re throwing it back to a style shoot we did four years ago.  It was an election year, and the upcoming Presidential election was all over the media, so I was inspired to see how a wedding could have a political twist.  After a few phone calls, I put together an amazing team to make it happen.  From the “rustic Americana” wedding invitations to All-American mini pies in mason jars, we think the details of this event have the potential to sway the vote of any party enthusiast at heart!




lsp_007smOur beautiful bride looks stunning…





lsp_025smDoesn’t a Bi-Partisan Sparkler sound like the perfect signature cocktail for this soiree?


lsp_028smMason jar pies by Simply Decadent are SO perfect.  Adorable (and delicious)!

lsp_036sm“Let’s get this party started!” napkins make a great touch – plus, guests can choose a side – which makes a great conversation starter.




lsp_056smLook at that handsome, patriotic groom…

lsp_052smSpirit Ranch is magical in the evenings… don’t you love this setting for a wedding?

lsp_058smAs part of “A Campaign for Happiness” – guests are asked to leave advice for the new Mr. & Mrs. in the “ballot box”

lsp_066smUsing this card with advice for each “side” as the couple serves a “lifelong term” together in wedded bliss…

lsp_060smEscort cards with tiny campaign buttons make a fun display AND takeaway for the guests to wear as they storm the dance floor…

lsp_062smLOVE the wording on this invitation.  Love.




lsp_074smStriking red peep toe pumps?  Yes, please!

lsp_075smBefore the happy couple speeds away, a quick photo op.  And a limo decked out – dignitary style.

Special thanks go out to the following for their tremendous help with making this style shoot come to life:

Spirit RanchLinda McMillan Photography Simply Decadent Bakery : Puttin’ on the Ritz :   First Class Tuxedo : Bella’s Bridal : Devault Floral : Gourmet Pantry : Emily Adams on Fire : Limousines of Lubbock : Haute Hair by Cristina : Host and Toast

If you want to see more, we were lucky enough to have the details of this style shoot featured here on Pizzazzerie.com