How to Make a Dog Tuxedo

How to Make a Dog Tuxedo

To get your pup red carpet ready, you will need:

– a white button-up shirt (I got mine in the Men’s section at Goodwill for $3 – just make sure the neck opening is clsoe to your dog’s neck size)

– scissors

– stapler

– black permanent marker

– bow tie with elastic (from a party store for just a few bucks)


Use the scissors to cut the collar and cuffs off the sleeves.


Then use the cuff to test the size of your dog’s “wrist”(make sure it’s still large enough to slide over their paw), folding it over and then removing it from your dog. Staple the cuffs in place, being sure to staple from the INSIDE so the sharp part of the staple will point away from your dog.


Take a permanent marker and color in the buttons.


Wrap the bow tie around the neck of the collar with the elastic on the inner crease, so the collar flap folds over it. Gently place the collar on your dog’s neck. DO NOT button the collar – you want it to fit loosely around their neck (and the elastic should hold it in place anyway).


Linus didn’t mind trying his on one bit. Ha!


Once you’re ready, slide the cuffs over the front paws. Then take a picture (or 83, if you so choose) of your dapper pup.


Happy New Year’s Card

Happy New Year’s Card

This year I had grand ideas for doing a “frozen” themed holiday card – pretty powder blue envelopes with silver glitter liners… a pic of the pups in the frosty snow…  Well, nature had other things in mind – like a 70 degree Christmas day and a record-setting blizzard the next!  So while I was waiting to get my “snow shot”, I had to improvise with a New Year’s card instead of a Christmas card.

A few props from the party store and a photo shoot later with the pups, I was actually glad it worked out this way – it was fun – despite the fact that Linus was scared of the balloons.

Can you spot the cans of soup?  Those were my secret for keeping the mylar balloons in place – I photoshopped them out of the card later.

… Aaannndd the aftermath looked like an actual party happened.

Welcome 2016

Welcome 2016

After my New Year’s photo shoot with the pups, I thought the mylar balloons would be a great addition to our lockers for the new year. Adorned with a few party hats and a feather boa, we’re ready to ring in the new year!

Holiday Foam Cup Inspiration 

Holiday Foam Cup Inspiration 

Sometimes you never know when inspiration will strike, and this year the designs for our two most popular foam cups were sparked at random.  Often people ask “How we come up with these things?”, so I thought I’d give you a little behind-the-scenes look.As I was breezing through the grocery store to grab lunch one afternoon, I saw this apron.  I immediately thought it would be fun to have cups that say “Team Naughty”, but to be fair, you would also need some that say “Team Nice”.  So we developed a mixed pack of cups (with 5 of each), so partivipants can choose which “side” they want to be on.  It makes getting a party beverage interactive AND  a great conversation starter! Our most popular foam cups this season was a nod to pop culture – and it sold out as quickly as we predicted it would!  With all the  “Whip/ Nae Nae” craze this year, I though it would be fun to put the idea on a cup.  After seeing an image on Facebook with a horse-drawn carriage with the lyrics, my creative juices started taking over…  And once I started creating the artwork in Adobe Illustrator, it just seemed funny to have Santa at the reigns – so I added him! Fun, right?

Holiday Decorations Cheat Sheet

Holiday Decorations Cheat Sheet

It’s time to deck the halls again!

I used to think decorating for Christmas was daunting – where does THAT item go… Was it on the mantle or on top of the piano?  Or was it in the guest room?… I used to overthink it too much and decorating took forever.

The came a simple (but time-saving idea) – a “cheat sheet”!  Since I started it a few years ago, the pressure to remember all the ins and outs of the decorations has been lifted (aahhhhhhhh).  It’s simple, really. Each year, I take photos of my holiday decoration  details, the layout of my Snow Village, the mantle, the kitchen, etc.  Then, before I pack everything up once Christmas is over, I print out the photos (wallet size) and store them in page protectors WITH my decorations.  That way, when it’s time to drag it all out again, I have a reminder of how it was done the year before.  It’s a basic idea, but it saves me SO much time (and stress over deciding where everything will go).  The beauty of it is that I still leave room for change – moving things around – and I do, that keeps it interesting.  I just make sure to document the change with a photo so I can recreate it the following year.   Holiday decorations will always be a work in progress, but having a guide makes delving into the talk a lot faster and easier!holiday-cheat-sheet

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