whyI know what you’re here for.  You have two questions:  Why change? and Why now?

I’ll answer that in a bit, but first, let me back up and give you a little background (in a nutshell).

My love affair of paper began with my college job at Calligraphy Etc. (back when it was in Memphis Place Mall).  Designing an invitation for a friend led to my first job as graphic designer in Dallas, and seven years later , when I was offered the opportunity to buy the store, I went for it.   Three weeks later, not to mention a bunch of hoops to jump through and numerous prayers uplifted, it happened.   I officially became a store owner, and it was a dream come true.   (Honestly, as hokey as it sounds, on my last day as an employee, I remember looking back and telling myself that someday I would like to have a store like that.)

So now, answers.

WHY I would choose to “change” a store that has served Lubbock successfully for almost 30 years?

– It’s NOT the same store it was 30 years ago

– It’s not even the same store I bought 6 years go

– I have poured so much into this business that it’s started to reflect ME, and my gut tells me that this is the right thing to do.


– I’m trying to plan ahead so that we can be around for another 30 years.  Yes, it’s a scary change (and truthfully bittersweet), but the art of calligraphy is fading, and most people are under the impression that all we do is offer calligraphy classes or sell calligraphy supplies (in fact, 7 out of 10 asked).  That’s the loss of a LOT of potential customers who think they don’t need what we have to offer.  I hate to think that we’re losing them simply because they don’t know what we actually DO.  I think if we change it now, we have a real chance to still be around- even when no one knows what calligraphy is anymore. (Don’t think that will happen?  Ask your kids what an 8-track is!  I’m trying to get us ahead of the curve.)

So much has changed since I took over the store in 2008, but my love of the store has stayed the same.  Don’t worry, even though the name is changing, we are still rooted in our past.  We have the privilege of helping customers with life’s biggest milestones (hence the new tagline “life’s defining moments”) – from weddings to births of babies, birthday, retirement and everything in between.  My team and I get to be a part of it!

We’re excited to continue serving you, and we know you will be pleasantly surprised with some of the changes we’ve made.  Thanks for your loyal support, as well as your encouragement and affirmation that what we have to offer makes life easier for you.

Also, thanks for hanging in there with us.  I’m putting my heart on the line with this one, so I hope you like it!

Oh, and if you haven’t heard yet, the store’s official new name is Barque (more on that to come).