Even though it’s been a long time coming (almost 2 years in my head), the transformation (aka – “The Switch”)  from being Calligraphy Etc. to Barque happened VERY quickly.  Yes, it took a lot of pre-planning, but once we got the ball rolling, the entire project was completed from Saturday afternoon(move out) to Thursday evening (preview party for family and friends).  Needless to say, there were a LOT of fantastic worker bees that made that happen, but now that it’s all done, the store is exactly as I had imagined it.  Actually, it’s even better.  I might need some serious sleeping in over the next few days to get caught up, but at least now I can rest knowing that the hard part is done.  I’ve been brainstorming about “The Switch” for so long it’s hard to believe it’s actually a reality!

Here are a few before pics of the store:


Note, I always hated the slat wall and super high ceilings and high bay lights (yuck), but since the purchase of the store (and move to this location) happened in less than 2 months, I didn’t have much choice but to just go with it.

DSC_0867The invitation room before – way too utilitarian and not a very good use of the floor space, especially since now we do more custom invitation than packaged ones.

DSC_0861Our “kitchen corner” before.

A few during:

DSC_0895I couldn’t believe we were able to move all of contents of the store OUT – it was crazy!

DSC_0919The contractors starting to install the wooden “clouds”

DSC_0926One of my favorite moments – the “wood walls” going up!  I had collected several pieces of antique wood for them to mix in with the pickled wood the clouds were made of.  I’m seriously considering having this done in my dining room next!

DSC_0963Isn’t she beautiful?  I’m in love.


And finally…. After!

DSC_1056I LOVE the new feel of the store with the changes – it’s homey, and inviting, and much more interesting… and I think it’s much more ME!  In fact, the best compliment I’ve been getting is how much more this looks like me and my home.  That just makes my heart happy.  Spy that bakery case?  It’s full of fresh baked dog treats!  We’re the only store in Lubbock to offer them.

DSC_1018The fixture about our register is the same one I have in my kitchen.  Thought I might as well have it in my “second home” too!

DSC_1068Check out those fabulous new invitation shelves (made from scratch by my super awesome granddad) – they use less floor space and actually hold more than what we had before – and they’re on wheels!

DSC_1061“Kitchen corner” no more!  I think our White Wing Label and Jon Hart displays are so much more appealing in this space!

DSC_1008This makes me happy.  And it makes me love coming to work even more than I did before, because it’s really MINE.

A big thank you to my amazing team of girls (who worked like crazy, even juggling school, to make this happen during the week), my supportive family for their prayers and help, my grandparents for their mad skills at making shelves and other necessary installations, friends who have listened to me drone on endlessly about store ideas, Hasco Commercial Construction for the actual manual labor and to God for the amazing opportunity to live my dream.

Feeling extremely blessed,