Stationery Academy 2013

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Stationery Academy in Dallas!


I was so blown away by the caliber of the women attending this workshop, as well as those that were leading it.  In fact, it was what I would call, “information overload”.  Seriously.  Too many great ideas jam-packed into two days!

I especially loved meeting Natalie Chang, Rachel Shingleton, and Emily McCarthy.  I’ve known Whitney English for a few years, but it was fun to see her in this “educational” setting.

Although I was distracted with all that was going on with Sarah, I took copious notes that I know I will be referring to frequently as I move forward with my business.   I also met some amazing women that I know will be lifelong friends.

If you’re in the paper/invitation industry, I would highly recommend Stationery Academy.  It’s chock full of information and brimming with encouraging girls.  With a full brain, it’s given me a full heart because I’m so inspired by what is to come.

Stay tuned, friends!