Back from the ATL

Well, as usual, Atlanta Market this past weekend was a whirlwind! To start my day off right, American Airlines randomly canceled my flight (at 5:45 am for a 9:30 departure), so I was forced to snag another flight and scramble to the airport in less than an hour… (Seriously, American? Try not to suck so much next time!)
After a few more hours of traveling, I FINALLY made it to Atlanta… Three days later, after walking approximately 10 hrs a day, it was time to head back home. Although it was a short (but thankfully productive) trip, I think it was a success! I also had the pleasure of eating at Two Urban Licks and The Spence, so that made it even more fun.
Soon I’ll be posting some of my favorite finds from shopping Market… But for now,
I think I’ll just… REST ( cause Lord knows I need it)!