heartattack2If you need a last-minute Valentine’s Day idea, I’ve got one that is fairly easy but will be a big hit your sweetheart!  I did this for a boyfriend in high school (ah, young love), but back then I didn’t think to take photos (silly me) so I’ve recreated the idea for you.

What you’ll need:

A roll of CAUTION tape (I got mine at a local hardware store for $8)caution

painter’s tape ( or any tape that’s easily removable and safe for walls)


a black marker or pen

at least 2 dozen helium-filled balloons – you should be able to get these at your local grocery store or florist (I got a combination of foil hearts and regular latex in red, white and pink)

red construction paper cut into large hearts (I made a FREE DOWNLOAD if you want to use that)

A sign for the door (either handmade or THIS FREE ONE I created)wrapdoor sm


1.  To begin, cut strips of the CAUTION tape, each  just over a yard long (or long enough to wrap around one side of the door).  Secure the strips on the front side of the door, by wrapping around the edge and taping.  I did a criss-cross of tape for interest, but you can cover the entire door if you want – have fun with it!  Print out (or hand write) a sign that says, “CAUTION:  This room has suffered a severe heart attack” and tape it to the door.heart

2.  Cut out the heart shapes and using the marker or pen, write why you love your sweetie.  If you use the FREE DOWNLOAD, you can just fill in the specifics.  If you make your own, you can also include favorite quotes, stories or whatever you like!  It’s good to mention their features, personality, favorite times together, etc.  (this is a list of what you love about them so you’ll want to make it good).  Roll strips of the painter’s tape, affix to the back of the hearts and place around the room on the walls, furniture… anywhere and everywhere!heartattack5heartattack4

3.  Release the balloons and let them rise to the ceiling, then individually move them around to cover the room more evenly.heartattack3

4.  Close the door and wait for your lovey to be surprised (and delighted by your thoughtfulness)!heartattack1

By the way, I think this idea would be great for decorating an office too – and really for any special couples’ occasion – anniversary, wedding suite, or just because!

What do you think?  Would you do this for your sweetheart?  Happy “Heart Attack”ing!!!