I love the idea of having a “little something extra” to amp straws-in-cupup your decorative paper straws for any occasion… so why not a pennant for football season?  It’s perfect for other sports themed events too- maybe a baseball baby shower or basketball birthday party?  It’s kind of like a new twist on the classic, felt pennant on a wooden stick (except more cute and more useful)!

Today I’ve got a very special FREE printable to help you get into the school spirit this football season (courtesy of Calligraphy Etc.)!

It’s easy to do, and you’ll only need a few supplies:

a printer

colored paper


double -sided tape or glue

cute paper straws (you can get them here)

Ready to get to making adorable straw pennants?

1.  Download the “GO FIGHT WIN” straw pennant sheet HERE.DSC_0582

2.  Print it out on colored paper (to match your favorite sports team).

3. Carefully cut out the pennants on the dashed gray line.

4.  Apply double sided tape to the back side of the pennant.

5.  Approximately half an inch from the top of the straw, gently wrap a pennant it, being mindful to match up the pointed ends.

DSC_0585Easy, right?  It’s a quick way to add a little punch to your next Tailgate, Game Day party or sporting event refreshments!