DSC_0109I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning kick lately, so when I decided to tackle the medicine cabinet, I had to seek assistance for the “appropriate way” of disposing of medication was these days.  When I was kid, mom used to flush them down the toilet, but I think that’s frowned upon now (preserving the world’s water and keeping fish from drug additions and whatnot).  My pharmacist friend filled me in on the Drug Disposal (v. 2013).DSC_0110

1.  Remove old prescription drugs, expired over the counter meds and vitamins.

2.  Place them in a Ziploc plastic bag with a enough warm water to cover the pills inside.

3.  Let the medication dissolve, then dispose in the trash.


4. Optional:  Pray that you don’t have a druggie neighbor that digs through your trash looking for a monster drug overdose?  (kidding)

I didn’t take a before photo of my medicine cabinet (it was SUCH disaster), but doesn’t it look nice and organized AFTER?  Take my word for it, it’s a lot better.  Cleaned?  Done!