Halloween isn’t always just about the kiddos!  What could be more fun than throwing a small dinner party for your girlfriends – a Ghoul’s Night In, perhaps?  This is a glimpse of my very first Ghoul’s Night In, when I was still living in Dallas.  I hope it gives you a few ideas for your next Halloween Party!
ghoul's night in halloween dinner
 The centerpiece for this table is simple, but with the addition of colorful stemware, a few candles, a decorative menu and place card/party favor, this party is frighteningly simple and fun!
pumpkins and candles centerpiece
 One of my favorite details from this Halloween tablescape is the Witch’s Paper Shoe.  Not only does it serve as a place card, but it’s a fun party favor too (the stocking is filled with candy). This paper shoe project is from a Papercrafts magazine several years ago.  {To download the shoe template, click here.}  Adorned with a grosgrain ribbon and small silver buckle, these shoes are simply adorable – your girlfriends will love them!
ghoul's night halloween witch's shoe favorAnd for the menu?ghoul's night halloween menuTo Start – Pumpkin Gut Soup (a delicious Pumpkin Soup recipe from the Walkerswood Caribbean Kitchen Cookbook)

Main Course – Scream Beans, Scalped and Mashed Potatoes, and Grilled Legs (chicken legs with dry rub of course!)

For Dessert – Coffin Cake (coffee cake) with “Eye Scream” and Blood Sauce (Raspberry topping)

You can even keep drinks for the party in-theme with Vampire Vineyards wine and martinis made from Blavod (black vodka) with “eyeballs” (pearl onions).

vampiremerlot2blavod2Just a few of these details are sure to make for a spooktacular evening!