As I’m planning an End of Summer Fiesta, so I thought it might be fun to create decorative napkin rings for it.  They were easy, and I like how they added more color to the tablescape.

To begin, you will need:

– scissors

– empty toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)

– craft glue

– sheets of colored tissue paper


fiesta napkin rings

First, cut the empty toilet paper/paper towel cardboard tubes into rings approximately 2.5″ wide.

fiesta napkin ringsThen fold them in half and use the scissors to cut “fringe” on one side – approximately 1/4″ between cuts.fiesta napkin ringsfiesta napkin ringsNext, use the glue (sparingly) to attach the tissue strips one at a time to the cardboard tube.fiesta napkin ringsfiesta napkin ringsKeep adding layers of tissue until the entire cardboard tube is covered (approximately 4 layers).fiesta napkin ringsAfter gluing, use your fingers to gently “rough up” the fringe a bit – I think it looks better that way.fiesta menu and napkin ring{As you can tell, I repeated the same process for the menu, using longer tissue strips.}