Easter is almost here, and this fun, last-minute project was inspired by these burlap bunny napkin rings I saw at Pier 1.  With just a few supplies from the local craft store, this project was up and running in no time!  It’s really easy to do, and I think this could be a fun project for the kiddos (with an adult to help with the scissors).

DIY Bunny Napkin Rings

For this project you’ll need:

8.5 x 11 sheets of white felt

8.5 x 11 sheets of pink felt

Felt glue

1 inch white pom poms

.5 inch pink pom poms

.2 black pom poms (or small wiggle eyes if you prefer)

Sticky Back VELCRO squares (I used 7/8 inch)



– On the short side of the felt sheet, use the scissors to cut a strip of white felt approximately 2 inches wide.

– Then cut approximately 1 inch off the end (unless you have really fat napkins)

– Fold the longer piece (now 2 x7 inches) in half

– Fold over the end approximately 1/4 inch.  Use the scissors to cut a slit in the folded over part.  When you unfold the felt strip, there should be two small holes

– Fold over a white felt piece and cut “ears” in the length you desire

– Using the white “ears” as a guide, cut the same size piece out of the pink felt (folded)

– Trim the pink felt a little on all sides so it’s no longer joined in the middle AND so there’s white on all edges (NOT SHOWN)

– Thread one white “ear” through one slit of the felt strip

– Do the same with the other ear and adjust as needed to make even

– Using felt glue, attach the pink felt pieces to the white “ears”

– Use the glue to attach a large white pom in the back (for the tail), a medium pink pom (for the nose) and two small black poms (or wiggle eyes- for the eyes)

Side note:  This would be really cute if you wanted to make bunnies with different colors – just make the pom color for the nose match the felt!  Wouldn’t it be fun in different colors around the kids’ table?  Red, green, blue, orange?

– Affix one side of the VELCRO sticky back squares to one side of the felt strip

– Roll the felt strip (as it were wrapped around a napkin) and affix the other VELCRO piece

– Wrap around your napkins and set at each place setting.  Since the ears are pliable, you can also position them in different ways – something unique for every guest!

Easter table decorations?  Check!  Now to decide on the menu…

Happy early Easter!