beforeguestroomPlease don’t judge how terrible my guest room was before.  I knew it was bad.  When I moved in two years ago, it was runner-up for LAST thing on the list of projects for the new house, and I just kept ignoring it.

I just recently decided it was time for a change!


Ok, ok, fine.  That’s not entirely true.

THIS is the real reason for the sudden change. (see above photo for WHY).  ——->

More specifically, what she did to my coverlet in the guest room was the deciding factor.  Once it was sufficiently destroyed for no apparent reason (I promise, she’s a good dog and generally not a chewer), I thought it was at least time for new bedding…  But new the new bedding project turned into re-arranging the room, and re-arranging the room just turned into a little bit more of a makeover than I had planned on!  I didn’t do anything major – mostly just moving around existing items and adding a few new pieces to the mix, so I wouldn’t really call it renovation… but I will say the transformation is huge – and I love the result!  I posted the window hanging DIY as a different post, which you can see here.  Here are a few pics of the AFTER (my favorite detail is the last one):


















































































Don’t you just love the embroidered sheets?  I saw something similar to this idea in a magazine about 10 years ago and kept the clipping… I’ve been dying to do this for the longest time!

Here’s the rundown on the old/new (for anyone who is curious):

OLD- Antique windows (from a garage sale), draperies, shimmer accent pillow, taller black lamp and shade, black photo frame (moved from my bedroom), brass headboard (hard to see in the pics), side tables (used to have in the living room, had forever), vintage glass milk jar, silver coasters from Anthropologie (a gift), antique dresser with mirror (confiscated from mom’s house years ago), vintage books (I’m a bit of an addict, so I have a ton), the furry llama (one of my favorite random items in my house), chevron frame (thanks to my friend Linda, still needs a photo), guitar in the corner by the dresser – you can’t see (from college, still never learned to play).

NEW – Turquoise glass lamp with burlap shade (TJ Maxx find), birdie accent pillow (TJ Maxx), Blue chevron shams and duvet cover (Urban Outfitters), palm potted plant (Lowe’s), flat screen television (I’ve asked for one 2 Christmases in a row to no avail – so I bought myself one at a Pawn Shop… felt SO rebelious!), white sheets (Tuesday Morning)- monogrammed with my custom idea, new down comforter and queen mattress pillowtop (Bed Bath & Bey0nd), down pillow- specifically for my momma (, hydrangeas (from my florist friend, just because I love them so much).

So what do you think?  Do you like the change?