Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that all of my best ideas seem to happen when I’m in the shower.  I’ve tried a variety of ways to document them -from jumping out of the shower to jot them on a notepad, to writing on the shower door with “bath crayons” to hanging a dry erase board in the shower.  All of those failed.

I had resigned to the fact that I would spend my entire shower repeating ideas in my head… until I got to a chapter titled “CHANGING YOUR ENVIRONMENT:  GET NEAR WATER TO WRITE” from the book, Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser.  I thought this chapter was especially interesting because I read it while I was fly fishing with my grandparents in Missouri for the weekend.

When I got to this part, I did a victorious fist punch in the air – ” A workshop participant who is a diver once told me that the got so many good ideas in the shower that he hung an underwater clipboard in there to record them.  You can get one yourself at a dive shop for under ten dollars.”  Hallelujah, I am not alone!  Such a simple and yet genius idea!  The day after I returned from my trip, I went to a local dive shop  and purchased this little beauty (kind of surprised that there even IS a dive shop in West Texas, to be honest).

DSC_0693Attached with a suction cup hook, it’s perfectly handy.  Yes, I know how nerdy it sounds, but I’m SO excited to have this useful tool in my shower now.  You know, to record those genius ideas I’m sure to have… (write it down, make it happen, right?!)

What about you guys?  Anyone else have their best ideas in the shower?