It’s summer – and that means that picnics, backyard barbecues and outdoor get-togethers are happening NOW! For your next summer party, use a watermelon keg – it’s clever, useful and a fun way to delight your guests (for only $24.99, plus the cost of a watermelon).

IMG_7459To start, if your watermelon will stand up straight on its own, then can slice off the top and start scooping out the flesh.  If not, you’ll need to trim approximately 1 inch off the bottom so that the watermelon will stand up securely.


Use an ice cream scoop to hollow out the inside, reserving the watermelon flesh in a large bowl (or two).



Stop scooping when you get about 2-3 inches close to the bottom of the watermelon.  (If you scoop too far down, you run the risk of piercing the outer skin and causing a leak.)  Next, assemble the keg dispenser and use the included coring tool to create a hole for the tap.

IMG_7452Attach the keg dispenser by placing it in the hole, and tightening from the inside.  If you tighten enough, it will naturally create a “seal” with the watermelon flesh and rind.

IMG_7454Once the dispenser is secure, you can fill it up with the beverage of your choice (I recommend something fruity flavored, because it’s still going to taste like watermelon).

If you want to utilize the watermelon flesh, use an immersion blender to liquify it.

IMG_7449Then strain the mixture, using a spatula to push the flesh through the strainer.  When you’re done, you’ll have a pitcher of watermelon juice, to which you can add whatever you want – club soda, lemon lime soda, vodka, gin, etc.  Want more ideas?  Check out our Pinterest board with Watermelon Drink Ideas.

IMG_7455No matter what you put IN the watermelon keg, it’s sure to be a hit at your summer get-together – it’s just so darn cute and… summery!