DSC_0079Although I *wish* I had a green thumb like my mother, I must admit that I’ve got a lot to learn… and one trick that my mom taught me early this summer is how to jumpstart seeds before I plant them in the garden.

For this “trick”, you’ll need a few Ziploc plastic bags, a Sharpie, packets of seeds you want to plant, and paper towels.


1. First, label the plastic bags with the names of the seeds you’ll be planting.

2.  Slightly wet a paper towel and lay flat.  Open the seeds from one seed packet and sprinkle them on the moistened paper towel.  Fold up the paper towel and place it in the labeled plastic bag.DSC_0085

3.  Repeat this step for each of the items you intend to plant.

4.  After a few days, tear the paper towel into seeds2pieces and then “plant” the torn pieces (with the seeds) in your garden.  This is a heck of a lot easier than trying to plant ONE teeny-tiny seed in the ground, and in the end, they won’t all grow anyway.

See how the seeds will have already started to sprout, after just a few days in the plastic bag?