I’ve always enjoyed collecting vintage Valentines,  mostly because they’re punny!  “I long for you” on the image of a dauchsund, “You make my heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM” with a marching drummer, you get the idea.  I guess I’m a sucker for clever combinations.

Last year, when I needed something to offer as kids Valentines for the store, I decided to design my own.  It was so close to the holiday, I only had a few days to sell them, but the response was good, so this year I designed a few more.

DSC_0630 sm

I think they’re really fun and quirky – and NOTHING like those dreadful, cheap, made in China options you find at every corner drugstore.

Each package includes 12 cards, three each of four designs per theme.  Here are a few of my favorite themes from this year:

cameras sm

takeout sm

postal sm

bicycles sm

These favorites from last year are still going strong too:

breakfast sm

diner sm

So what do you guys think?  If want to purchase some, it’s not too late.  You can get them HERE.

Last week my friend Tony, who shares my affinity for collecting Valentines, sent me a text message:

“Ever think how cool it is that someone 100 years from now might have your cards in their vintage collection?”

Actually, it never crossed my mind… but now that you mention it, that’s pretty cool.