When I take down the Christmas decorations, it always feels so… empty in the house.  To cheer myself up, I like to pull out my Valentine’s Day decorations as soon as possible.  It’s nothing fancy, just a few little things that make me happy.

Being the paper lover that I am, it’s no surprise that I’m a collector of vintage Valentines.  I love finding them at antique stores and estate sales, especially when they have unique graphics or clever phrases.  I have far too many to display, but every year I select a few to display on the mantle on tiny easels.

DSC_0705smThe bunting I made a few years ago out of some leftover burlap and red felt (and ric rac), but I think it spruces up the fireplaces quite nicely.

DSC_0700smThis is probably my favorite treasure of all.  It’s the classroom Valentine box from when I was in the first grade.  Yes, I’ve held onto a painted cardboard box for close to thirty years.  Surely that must be some sort of record?  Why on earth would I do that?  Because it’s sentimental of course!

When I was in the first grade, our class made this Valentine box to house all of the cards we were to exchange.  We each drew a portrait of ourselves and taped them in the windows.  DSC_0699sm

We cut hearts out of construction paper and tiled the roof.  On Valentine’s Day, I was home sick, so I missed the doling out of the cards (and I was so sad).  My sweet teacher, Mrs. White, stopped by after school and delivered the Valentines I had missed, as well as the schoolhouse.  To date, it was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me.  It meant a lot that she did that, and I honestly love how cute the schoolhouse is (although thirty years has started taking its toll on the poor thing).

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?  If so, what kind of items are sentimental to you?  What keepsakes make your heart happy?