As you start to think about packing up your Christmas decorations, try this little tip I use for organizing garland.  It’s simple one, but if you’re like me (multiple strands of garland, all in different lengths and with designated “homes” around the house), it’s a time-saver!

Label your garland with painter’s masking tape.  See?  Easy.


Once you know where each garland fits best (on the tv cabinet, in the dining room, on the mantle, etc.), it only makes sense to not have to solve that puzzle again!  Before you pack it away, fold a piece of painter’s tape over the end of the wire and label its location with a Sharpie.  Painter’s tape is removable (without leaving a sticky residue), so it’s perfect for this task.

Once labeled, you can store all of the garlands in one box instead of several, but they’ll still be easy to sort out next year.  Just remove the tape and you’re done – quick and easy!

I started doing this a few years ago because no matter how much I *thought* I’d remember where each garland went (after 11 months of not thinking about it), I didn’t.  This trick is a huge time saver now!

Happy Holiday Decoration packing!