barcabinet- barqueandbite.comA few years after college, my grandmother gave me a small clothing wardrobe (that she actually found it on the side of the road) . I’ve always loved the cabinet’s little frame, adorable skeleton key lock (but of course the key is missing), and its built-in shelving (on the right side). For me, it wasn’t much use as a wardrobe… so eventually I decided it would be the perfect bar cabinet! It’s beautiful, sentimental AND functional.insidecabinet -

Originally, the cabinet was for clothes, hence the shelving. To create even more storage, I purchased an inexpensive wooden wine rack from World Market, screwed it into the back of the cabinet to make it secure, and then stained it to match. Then, I installed wine glass “runners” in the top of the cabinet. I use those to hold champagne glasses, with wine and martini glass storage on the built-in side shelves. The top of the wine rack also creates an instant shelf, so it’s perfect for more oddly-shaped bottles. I love how much storage this little cabinet has- with everything tucked away so neatly, it’s just perfect!

bardetail -

Do you have a “hidden” bar? Share your creative ideas, I’d love to hear!