This year I had grand ideas for doing a “frozen” themed holiday card – pretty powder blue envelopes with silver glitter liners… a pic of the pups in the frosty snow…  Well, nature had other things in mind – like a 70 degree Christmas day and a record-setting blizzard the next!  So while I was waiting to get my “snow shot”, I had to improvise with a New Year’s card instead of a Christmas card.

A few props from the party store and a photo shoot later with the pups, I was actually glad it worked out this way – it was fun – despite the fact that Linus was scared of the balloons.

Can you spot the cans of soup?  Those were my secret for keeping the mylar balloons in place – I photoshopped them out of the card later.

… Aaannndd the aftermath looked like an actual party happened.