I must admit, I’m a bit of a Fraidy Cat.  I can’t watch horror movies {accidentally saw 5 minutes of Children of the Corn when I was a kid and it haunted me for years}, and I’ve never been to a haunted house {no thank you, very much}… but I do love decorating for Halloween {even if it is pretty PG13}!

I thought it might share few details of my “frightfully delightful” Halloween decor to proof it doesn’t ALL have to be blood and gore and scary to be fun!

My mantle display is similar to last year, but I decided to ditch the colorful banner and add a few more crows and cobwebs.


I also recreated the “mercury glass” mirror this year.  The first time I did this project, I used single pane glass, which apparently wasn’t sturdy enough for the layers of paint I put on it (so it cracked – as you can see in the earlier photos).  This time I opted for double pane glass, which was perfectly sturdy for the DIY Mercury Project.


By the front door, I have my “bucket-o-brooms” displayed (in a wire milk carton).


In the entryway, I decorate a glittery black tree with Halloween ornaments.  {Don’t you love the vintage Jack-O-Lantern candy bucket?}

DSC_0799smI also framed a spooky “changing portrait” that I got from Haunted Memories { WARNING: Some of their portraits are super freaky, so proceed with caution.  I tried to pick the most “tame” option I could find… because I’m a scaredy cat!}



I also love this little surface with a variety of Halloween {and everyday} items.


On the guest room door, I’ve hung a wreath that I made from old book pages and a styrofoam wreath form.  This is a delicate decoration that requires extra TLC to maintain every year, but I still love it.


An extra section of garden fence, adorned with black feather boas and a few witch’s hats, serves as my “Hat Check”.


Here’s a closer look at the “Hat Check” tags – I saw these featured in a magazine several years ago, so I duplicated the idea {I’d be happy to give them credit for the idea, but I just can’t remember which magazine it was}.


Do you decorate for Halloween?  Do you prefer bloody and horrific over PG/PG13?  Let me know, I’m curious!