As the beginning of October approaches (and temperatures start to drop), I’m REALLY looking forward to fall – specifically –  nights by the fire!  A few weeks ago my family was kind enough to help me stock up on firewood, so I should be all set there (for a short while at least).

The high for today is supposed to be 78 and the low is 50, so I’m really hoping I get to cozy up by the fire for the first time tonight!

In diligent preparation, I replaced my cheerful, summer decor (an old croquet set) with my fireplace tools.  I love the look of both -they’re unique, colorful, fun, seasonal… and in this case – useful.  After Halloween, I’ll replace the pumpkin with an amazing pair of vintage ice skates that mom and I got at an estate sale in Michigan (one of my favorite finds).

Cheers to fall, ya’ll!

Sidenote: Last year I learned my lesson about putting pumpkins too close to the flame.  It was melting pumpkin mess (oops)!  This one should be perfectly safe though (whew).