I’m not really a fan of bread in the morning.  I don’t care for donuts or muffins or pancakes – don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat them if that’s what’s available – but it’s not my first choice.  My first choice will always be eggs.  If I could only eat eggs for breakfast, I would… but I’ve found that it’s just not enough to get me through my busy mornings.  So lately, my favorite breakfast has been toast, topped with avocado (either smeared or sliced, depending on the ripeness) and a runny egg on top.


It’s delicious, savory, and the toast helps fill me up for a little longer.

DSC_0061See?  Now isn’t that just yummy?  Believe me, it is.  And simple.  And I’m all about that in the mornings!

{Want to know how I cook my eggs?  Find out here.}