I love eggs.  A lotadd water - barqueandbite.com.  For breakfast, if there’s a choice between ANYTHING and eggs, I choose eggs.  Always.

My trainer at the gym keeps trying to get me to switch to egg whites, but I just can’t make the leap.  I’m in an egg co-op, so every month I’m spoiled with amazing, huge, organic local eggs.  I can’t justify eating ONLY the whites – it would be too heartbreaking to put those delicious, golden yolks to waste!

Most of the time, I make scrambled eggs (because I can make and eat them AND get out the door faster than crunching through a bowl of cereal).  Occasionally, though, I treat myself to eggs over medium (on the weekends).  I love a runny egg, but I’m not very skilled in frying them (oh how I’ve tried)!  Instead, this is my sure-fire way of making a nice, runny egg (in less than 5 minutes).steaming - barqueandbite.com

In a nonstick skillet with cooking spray, add your egg(s).  This time I got a double yolk (score!).  Add 2-3 T. of water and cover with a lid (preferably one you can see through).  The eggs will steam, and soon after the yolk is covered in white instead of yellow, they’re ready to go!  white - barqueandbite.comYou can cook for a minute or so after they turn white on top, but any longer than that and they won’t be particularly runny…  Remove and serve with your favorite sides (in this case crispy bacon and skillet red potatoes).  Enjoy!

How do you like YOUR eggs?

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