First, what the heck is crème fraîche anyway?  In a word:  Awesomesauce.  In reality?  It’s a “fresh cream” that is naturally soured (not quite as much as sour cream), and contains 30-40% butterfat (yes, I looked it up).  The texture is thick, and it has the most AH-MA-ZING, velvety, buttery taste (thanks to the butterfat).  I happened upon this recipe by accident – I had some creme fraîche in the fridge and just thought it might be a good addition to mashed potatoes.  As it happens, I was right!

So, just in time for Thanksgiving, I share with you my new go-to recipe for mashed potatoes:

Crème Fraîche Mashed Potatoes

(serves 4-6)

6-8 Yukon gold potatoes

1/3 c. creme fraîche (plus more to taste if desired)

chicken stock

kosher salt

freshly ground black pepper

chopped fresh chives (or dried chives) for garnish

DSC_0280Wash the potatoes and cut them into cubes.  (You can skin the potatoes if you prefer, but I like the skin, so I just peel off any dark/hard spots).

Fill a large stockpot half full with water, throw in a Tablespoon of kosher salt, and bring to a boil over high heat.

Add the cubed potatoes and reduce heat to med-high.  Boil until potatoes are cooked through (approximately 20 minutes).  Drain and pour the potatoes into a large mixing bowl.

DSC_0284Use a masher to break up the potatoes (just don’t overdo it).

Add the creme fraîche, gently mixing with a large spoon.  Add chicken stock, a Tablespoon at a time, until you reach the consistency you desire.  I like mine fluffy, but still with a little texture and small clumps.  Add salt and pepper to taste, and top with chopped chives as garnish.

The creme fraîche is so rich and buttery and smooth, I think it makes mashed potatoes even better than adding butter and cream.  If you give it a try, let me know what you think!