Normally I don’t like change.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s different.  It’s not always fun, but sometimes it is necessary- and in this case I think it is.

I’ve been hesitant to announce this for awhile, but since it’s been rolling around in my head for almost two years, I think it’s time.

That and the fact that this weekend, “The Switch” begins.  We’re moving everything out of the store, doing some renovations, then unpacking and starting fresh… With some great new products … AND a new name.  There, I said it.  It’s out there.

Why?  I’ll touch more on that in a post later,but basically, I’m trying to plan ahead (so that we can be around for another 30 years).  Sadly, the art of calligraphy is fading, and most people are under the impression that all we do is offer calligraphy classes or sell calligraphy supplies (in fact, 7 out of 10 we asked).  That’s the loss of a LOT of potential customers who think they don’t need what we have to offer.  It hate to think that we’re losing potential customers simply because they don’t know what we actually DO.  Our “established” name is misleading, and I think if we change it now, we have a chance to still be around, even when no one knows what calligraphy is anymore.

I’m not going to reveal the new name just yet, but if you want to follow along with the construction (and get a sneak peek of the inside before the grand opening), you can follow the store on Instagram.

An Excited, Nervous, and Stressed version of myself,